Tata Motors of India unveiled the long awaited Tata Nano in 2008. With a price of 100,000 rupees which translates to 2500 USD, it marked a very important time in history where low cost transportation was made possible. Marketed primarily to appeal to current scooter and motorcycle drivers in India, the car is a subcompact that has a two cylinder engine. It gets about 50 mpg, and according to the CEO – it produces less emissions than a motorcycle. Additionally, the Nano met both Indian and European emission standards.

The Nano, following in the footsteps of the Model T and Volkswagen Beetle, succeeded in making low cost transportation possible. Primarily built for emerging markets like India, Vietnam and China, the Nano appealed to a steadily growing middle class.

Environmentalists were initially concerned that the low priced Nano would put so much more new drivers on the road that the added exhaust would threaten the planet. However, that wasn’t the case. replace mopeds and bicycles it will probably do that though not at the individual rate of the vehicles most Americans drive. Don’t look for a Tata dealership just yet though as the Nano will probably not be released to U.S. market for safety reasons. The low priced 50 mpg car would signal the demise of the already troubled U.S. automakers, so I am sure it will be kept from our shores.

Tata already has a large market building trucks and cars in the east and the Nano should expand upon that. As jobs are outsourced to India and other countries, people with new income will surely buy a car with the newfound wealth. And if you want to go to the high end of the auto market Tata will have something for you too as they are in negotiations to buy Jaguar and Land Rover from the troubled Ford Motor Company.